What Age is Considered a Senior Citizen in Wyoming?

As individuals approach their golden years, many wonder at what point they officially become senior citizens. In Wyoming, the answer lies with the Wyoming County Office of the Aging, an essential authority that defines the age threshold for senior citizenship.

In this article, we will explore the criteria used by the Wyoming County Office of the Aging to determine when one attains the status of a senior citizen in the state.

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Defining Senior Citizenship in Wyoming

Wyoming is known for its breathtaking landscapes, warm communities, and a deep appreciation for its elderly population. According to the Wyoming County Office of the Aging, a person is officially considered a senior citizen upon reaching the age of 60 years or older. This designation opens the door to numerous benefits and services aimed at ensuring a high quality of life for Wyoming’s senior population.

The Role of the Wyoming County Office of the Aging

The Wyoming County Office of the Aging plays a crucial role in supporting and advocating for the welfare of senior citizens throughout the state. Established to address the unique needs and concerns of older adults, the office collaborates with various agencies, non-profit organizations, and community resources to provide an array of services.

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Services Offered

  1. Health and Wellness: The Wyoming County Office of the Aging promotes health and wellness programs that cater to the specific needs of seniors. These include fitness classes, nutritional assistance, and access to health screenings and preventive care.
  2. Social Activities: The office arranges social gatherings, workshops, and recreational activities to foster companionship and a sense of community among senior citizens. These events create opportunities for seniors to engage, share experiences, and build lasting friendships.
  3. Transportation Assistance: The Wyoming County Office of the Aging addresses the transportation challenges faced by older adults by offering shuttle services and transportation vouchers to essential appointments, shopping centers, and social events.
  4. Legal Aid and Counseling: Seniors can seek legal counsel and advice through the office’s partnership with legal service organizations. These services ensure that senior citizens’ rights and interests are protected.
  5. Home and Community-Based Services: In collaboration with other agencies, the office facilitates home-based care and support services, allowing seniors to maintain their independence and continue living in their homes comfortably.


In Wyoming, the age of 60 marks the beginning of one’s journey as a senior citizen. The Wyoming County Office of the Aging stands as a pillar of support, enriching the lives of older adults by providing vital services, fostering social connections, and promoting overall well-being. As the state continues to cherish and respect its senior population, the Wyoming County Office of the Aging plays a crucial role in ensuring that the elderly can enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

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