Ocean State Job Lot Discounts for Seniors and Other Way to Save Money

Ocean State Job Lot offers a notable perk for its senior customers. Those aged 62 and above can enjoy a 20% discount on food items every Monday morning. This initiative demonstrates the store’s commitment to providing value to its senior clientele, ensuring they get more for their money.

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Insider Tips for Additional Savings

Join the Insider Club

Becoming a member of the Ocean State Job Lot Insider Club unlocks exclusive discounts, promotions, and early access to sales. This is a smart way for shoppers to enjoy extra savings.

Weekly Flyer

Regularly checking the store’s weekly flyer is beneficial. It highlights the current deals and helps plan purchases around the best offers.

Clearance Items for the Win

The clearance section is a treasure trove of heavily discounted items, including overstocked or discontinued products.

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales and promotions offer opportunities to save on seasonal items.

Social Media

Following Ocean State Job Lot on social media keeps you informed about special promotions, discounts, or flash sales.

Email Newsletters

Signing up for email updates can lead to exclusive discounts and news on upcoming sales.

Coupon Savings

Using manufacturer’s coupons, where accepted, can lead to significant savings.

Military Discount

Some locations offer discounts to military personnel and veterans.

Bulk Buying

Bulk purchases, especially on regularly used items, can lead to substantial savings.

Loyalty Programs

Participating in any loyalty programs can offer points or rewards for purchases.

How Seniors Can Save Money at Other Retail Stores

How Seniors Can Save Money at Other Retail Stores


Goodwill extends a 10% discount to seniors aged 60 and over on Tuesdays, making it a great day for senior shopping.


Ross provides a 10% discount to seniors on specific days, enabling them to shop more while spending less.


On the first Tuesday of every month, seniors enjoy a 20% discount as part of Walgreens‘ Senior Day discount.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx offers a senior discount at select locations. Seniors aged 55 and over benefit from up to a 10% discount, exclusively on Mondays.


While not mentioned earlier, it’s worth noting that Kohl’s offers a senior discount. Seniors can save on various products, making it another ideal shopping destination.


For senior shoppers, Ocean State Job Lot and other retailers offer various ways to save money. Whether through weekly deals, special discounts, or loyalty programs, seniors can enjoy their shopping experience while managing their budgets effectively. Remember, a little research and planning can lead to big savings.

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