ABG Meaning & Definition

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ABG is an acronym with several meanings, ranging from popular slang in social media to medical terminology. Understanding these diverse uses can help bridge generational communication gaps. Here are the most common contexts in which ABG is used:

1. Asian Bad Girl (Cultural Slang)

  • Definition: In popular culture, particularly among young Asians on social media platforms like TikTok, “ABG” stands for “Asian Bad Girl.” This term refers to an Asian female who embraces a specific lifestyle and fashion style that includes, but is not limited to, heavy makeup, dyed hair, and modern, often revealing clothing.
  • Usage: “She considers herself an ABG; you can see it from her bold fashion choices and makeup.”

2. ABG on TikTok (Social Media)

  • Definition: On TikTok, “ABG” has been popularized as a term associated with videos and trends depicting the transformation of Asian girls into the “Asian Bad Girl” stereotype. These transformations typically showcase dramatic changes in appearance to fit the ABG aesthetic.
  • Usage: “Check out her ABG transformation video on TikTok; it’s quite the makeover!”

3. General Slang

  • Definition: Beyond the specific Asian Bad Girl meaning, “ABG” can also be used more generally in slang to describe a girl who exhibits a rebellious or bold demeanor, regardless of her ethnic background.
  • Usage: “She has an ABG vibe with her confident and assertive attitude.”

4. Medical Terminology

  • Definition: In a completely different context, “ABG” is used in the medical field to refer to an “Arterial Blood Gas” test. This test measures the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood to check lung function and how well an individual’s lungs are able to move oxygen into the blood and remove carbon dioxide.
  • Usage: “The doctor ordered an ABG test to evaluate his respiratory status.”