5150 Meaning & Definition

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5150 is a term often used in the context of mental health care, particularly in the legal and medical fields. Originating from California law, it refers to a section of the Welfare and Institutions Code that allows for a person with a mental health disorder to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization if deemed a danger to themselves or others. Here are the key aspects of a 5150 hold:

1. 5150 Hold

  • Definition: A 5150 hold is a legal action in California where an individual who is assessed as being a threat to themselves or others due to a mental health disorder can be involuntarily detained in a psychiatric hospital for up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention.
  • Usage: “The police placed him on a 5150 hold after he threatened to harm himself.”

2. Consequences of a 5150 Hold

  • Definition: The immediate consequence of a 5150 hold is temporary detention for psychiatric evaluation. It can affect a person’s future in various ways, including potential impacts on their ability to possess firearms or certain professional licenses, depending on state laws.
  • Usage: “After the 5150 hold, she was unable to renew her firearm license.”

3. 5150 Hold in California

  • Definition: This specific term and procedure are unique to California, referencing Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. Law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, and certain other designated individuals have the authority to initiate the hold.
  • Usage: “In California, a 5150 hold is the first step in addressing acute mental health crises.”

4. 5150D

  • Definition: This term can sometimes be used to refer to a specific directive or detail within the broader 5150 statutes, particularly in documentation or legal text.
  • Usage: “The 5150D form was updated last year to improve clarity in the evaluation process.”

5. 51/50 Mental Health

  • Definition: This is a common variation in the spelling and presentation of 5150, used informally to discuss aspects related to involuntary psychiatric holds.
  • Usage: “He’s learning about 51/50 mental health laws to better understand his rights.”